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Wonderful Wildflower Walks in Essex

Take a walk on the wild side this summer and discover the wonderful wildflowers which inhabit the Essex Country Parks. With flora and fauna flourishing there’s no better time to visit. Our rangers suggest walks to enjoy the best of the grassland meadows.

Posted on 27th July 2021

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Days Out

Best summer picnic spots at the Essex Country Parks

Picnics have been a popular tradition since the middle ages and when the sun is shining there’s no better reason to go for a picnic! We’ve put together a list of our favourite picnic spots across the Essex Country Parks – perfect for reconnecting with friends, catching up with family and eating your favourite food alfresco. Enjoy time spent outdoors in nature with the people you love this summer.

Posted on 17th June 2021

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Wildlife Watch

Get busy and make a bee hotel

It's the perfect time to help the bee population thrive in your garden. Bees are essential to our ecosystem as they help flowers and fruit pollinate. Building a bee hotel will help your garden look blooming beautiful whilst helping maintain a healthy bee population.

Posted on 20th May 2021

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Wildlife Watch

Build a nesting box

Help our feathered friends by building a nesting box, it’s a simple and effective way to encourage more wildlife into your garden while helping to support them during their breeding season.

Posted on 15th February 2021

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