Wildlife and walks

Spot local and rare wildlife and ramble through a diverse mix of flora and fauna.

Wildlife and walks

Discover more about your local wildlife. Spot local and rare birds, deer and woodland animals. Every season offers something new. In the summer, wildflower meadows come alive with insects and butterflies. In the winter huge flocks of migratory geese, waders and wildfowl descend. Grab your binoculars, spotter’s guides and all the family and get out into the Country Parks to enjoy everything Essex has to offer.

Simply enjoy the local wildlife in your local park, or check ‘What’s on’ by using the Wildlife & Walks filter in events. Speak to the local wardens and park managers and check out spotter’s boards in the parks’ visitors centres to find out what’s been seen. If you're looking for some spring walks, check out our Bluebell walks blog.

The Flitch Way trail running under a bridge


Flitch Way

Enjoy 15 miles of flat, traffic free, beautiful Essex countryside following a former railway line from Braintree to Bishops Stortford. Perfect for walking, cycling and horse riding.

  • Braintree, CM77 7FS

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