The Deepenings Project Artist Workshop: Creative Writing for Soundscapes with Elinor Rowlands

Creative writing and conversation to explore memories of Mersea Island life and dreams about the future

A psychological landscape is the “invisible barrier between the conscious and subconscious, between real landscape and dreamscape, is anchored in a single certainty of the self. The idea of the 'self' is so ingrained in the physical that it can't and shouldn't be ignored — it is pivotal.” - Charlotte Brisland

Memory Journeys and Poetic Landscapes.

Psychological landscapes bursting with collected memories, hidden words, found artefacts and whispered verse, these are just some of the ways video and sound artist Elinor will help you to conjure up a soundscape and she needs your stories.

Come and join Elinor Rowlands in a workshop to explore how you might use words differently, so that they might last for centuries in stories, chants, songs and place. Elinor adapts creative writing methods to capture memories and stories to help record and share and mythologise the local landscape, as you see it. In your own words.

Supported by the Essex County Council Arts and Cultural Fund.

Event details


  • February 9, 2023


12:00pm - 1:00pm



Who for?

For adults

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Book online

While it is an online workshop booking is required.

Booking for Thursday 16 February:

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