Essex Photo Album Workshop (Harlow)

The Essex Photo Album workshops will be hosted by Magnum Photos at Harlow Library.

Through a series of four workshops, participants are invited to reflect on stereotyping representations of the county, offer strategies for how this can be combated and engage in a co-creation of a photo album by contributing images from their homes, cameras and phones. These events aim to collectively discuss the importance of visual literacy by exploring the power of storytelling through photography.

The workshop will produce a curated educational resource, combining archival images of Essex from Magnum’s extensive collection, with the newly commissioned contemporary work by Magnum photographer Lua Ribeira.

Questions will be designed to help participants analyse and interpret the images in the Essex Photo Album and to facilitate discussion around the power of visual storytelling.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will be able to contribute to the Essex Photo Album by donating a reproduction of their family albums, snapshots and mobile images to enhance the “insider” and “local” gaze of what Essex means to them.

Find out more about the Magnum Photo project.

Supported by the Essex County Council Arts and Cultural Fund.

Event details


May 24, 2023


11:00am - 4:00pm


FREE but booking required.

Who for?

For the whole family

How to book

Book online

Booking required.

Please note

The workshop will be held at Harlow Library, The High, Harlow, CM20 1HA.

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