Applause Rural Touring: Let's Go Clubbing

Get your ticket to the hottest club in town.

Let’s go clubbing is a new two person juggling show charting a journey through the history of club music starting with Disco up to the modern day.

Music can be the heart of communities and subcultures with the power to bring people together in a way that transcends everyday differences. This is also true of circus, which provides a spectacle that stands out from the everyday, creating a space for everyone to engage no matter who they are.

Nearly There Yet have created a light hearted and entertaining exploration of these ideas through a combination of juggling and music which can bring the Club experience to rural audiences.

An oversize gazebo creates a unique club space for all to enjoy watching and trying circus – even if your name isn't on the list you’re still getting in!

Part of the Family Fun Day, Brentwood, featuring funfair rides, family activities, sports, crafts, Punch and Judy shows, music and more.

Event details


August 25, 2023


10:30am - 3:30pm



Who for?

For the whole family

How to book

Book online

Please note

Show Time begins at 12.00pm.

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