Applause Rural Touring: Devious Dolphins

Devious Dolphins is a comedy walkabout show created by the team who brought us Treefellas.

Two actors dressed in giant Dolphin costumes equipped with some special effects such hidden water sprays, communicate nonverbally through whistle sounds and water spraying.

Highly intelligent and naughty these mammals show off their tricks and also reverse the relationship between human and animal – they will tame their public, make audience members jump through hoops and catch them in their big nets.

Devious Dolphins is a very playful and interactive performance piece which gently satirises the relationship of humans with nature. The Dophin couple also have a dolphin hand puppet which will help to connect with very young children. The Dolphins become the trainers rewarding the humans with a mobile phone or giant fake bank notes at the end of the stick.

Taking place at the Family Fun Day, Kelvedon Hatch Village Hall, Brentwood.

Event details


August 23, 2023


10:30am - 4:30pm


Adults: Free. Children: £5

Who for?

For the whole family

How to book

Book online

No Booking Required.

Please note

Show time: 14:00 Repeats until 4.00pm. Running time: 20 mins

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