Wildlife Detectives Day

Your class will be detectives, uncovering clues to what lives where and why, as they explore their habitats, with concepts like food chains brought to life.

Gain first-hand experience of our native wildlife and learn how to identify and group what they find.

Throughout the day, the children will act as detectives, uncovering the clues of what lives where and why, as they explore their habitats. Important concepts such as food chains are explained and brought to life.

We also aim for children to develop love and respect for the natural world and understand the importance of preserving habitats. Activities that can be included in your Habitats Detectives day:

  • Mini-beast Hunt – Search for and identify a variety of creepy crawlies
  • Pond-Dipping – See the creatures of this hidden habitat up-close (water level dependant)
  • Habitat Comparison – Consider features of the habitats and why species are suited to them
  • Sensory Experiences – Seasonal activities that immerse everyone in the sights, sounds, smells and textures of the environment.
  • Food Chains, Variation and Classification – Games and activities that introduce concepts and consolidate learning
  • Den/habitat Building – Create shelters or homes, considering the needs of animals

Event details


November 22, 2019


£7.50 per child


Thorndon Country Park

Brentwood, Warley, Essex, England, CM13 3RZ

How to book

To book, call 0345 603 7624.

Please note

Ideal for key stages 1 or 2, the day can be adapted for your class and curriculum. Just let us know your needs.

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