ERO Presents: Dick Turpin - Fact and Fiction

Join speaker Dr Jonathan Oates as he talks about Dick Turpin, possibly the most famous highwayman in England and a man of Essex.

Dick Turpin is a name well known to many people as the most famous highwayman in British history. There have been many plays, poems, songs, films and TV dramas about him and his exploits. But how true to life are these stories? Even when attempts are made to demythologise him, these versions are often at fault, based on limited research. This talk attempts to separate history from myth.

Dr Jonathan Oates is a prolific author specialising in the history of Jacobitism and historical crime and has had over 40 books published. His day job is Borough Archivist for Ealing.

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October 31, 2023


10:30am - 12:00pm



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For the whole family


Essex Record Office

Wharf Road, Chelmsford, Essex, England, CM2 6YT

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