Geocaching Day

Geocaching is a treasure hunting game, using GPS technology to find hidden 'caches' or boxes. It marries the outdoor world with technology showing you the about the benefits of this modern navigation method.

The day can be themed to any subject of topic, it can be used as a team-building exercise or for revision with challenges at each cache to solve before moving on.

The day also suits those who find team games of physical education challenging, as it gives purpose to the exercise by finding the treasure.

The day is set as half-day geocaching and half-day with another activity. We suggest any of the following topics for your second half of the day:

  • Survival skills
  • Den building
  • Team challenges


£8.50 per child


Thorndon Country Park, CM13 3RZ

Please Note

Suitable for KS2.

To Book

To book, call 01245 223342