Danbury: Flood Management Works

A project which will alleviate seasonal flooding at the award winning Danbury Country Park will also help support and encourage growing populations of amphibians and insects.

Posted on 28th November 2023

The series of works include redesigning the stream and constructing a series of leaky dams, which are inspired by beavers, as a natural way of controlling water flow. The dams will also be constructed using timber felled from the park.

Leaky dams help slow the flow of water and reduce the risk of general flooding in the area as well as capturing debris and silt, which filters the water.

As part of the works, there will also be a series of pools and ponds created to support growing populations of amphibians and insects, such as frogs, newts, toads and dragonflies.

While the construction of the leaky dams take place there will be machinery in use between Mid Lake and Woodhill Road. Therefore, please keep your dog(s) on a lead(s) and avoid this area when the works are taking place.

Insect images credit: Andrew Adams