Creative Essex - Meet the Makers

Explore Essex were very lucky to connect and meet many art and craft stall holders in preparation for the Cressing Art and Craft Fair. However due to the pandemic this event could not run. We wanted to still celebrate and support our new relationships and their amazing skill sets by sharing their businesses with you all, a chance to meet the makers and for them to continue selling their work.

Dont miss out, check out their crafts and get in touch.

Company: Seasoned Wood Crafts

Founders: Malcolm and Denise Corbin

About: Malc, having retired at a fairly young age and having always been interested in DIY and making useful things for the home, it transcended further into crafting items to sell. Sourcing wood became important and we started by picking up unwanted wood from skips (after asking first!), builders’ off casts and pallets. We now have a contact who owns a loft conversion company who lets us know when there are roof timbers available and we are now becoming well known locally to offload any unwanted timber to add to our collection! We try to save various types of wood, namely oak, cedar, walnut as well as pine.

Malc works in the garage and has invested in many boys toys - sorry I meant tools - which enables him to hone his skills more accurately. Working with reclaimed wood has its many challenges and Malc takes much pride in making things without screws using mortice and tenon joints, dowels, biscuits and wooden butterflies. His wife, Denise often comes up with the ideas and Malc transforms them into reality. Our best sellers are mirrors, wine boxes, picture frames, stools, coffee tables, hanging wood slices with decorated letters …. I could go on! Once made, Denise then takes over and finishes the items by either painting, varnishing but mainly waxing - we love the natural look. We are very open to orders and have many repeat customers/friends who say that they love having something especially made for them as each piece becomes unique. However, our main loves are the craft shows. We only do about 3 or 4 a year as making everything from scratch takes time and of course we like to holiday and go out for days in between! We love interacting with the public during the shows and each item which is brought, whether big or small, we consider a huge compliment.

Instagram: @seasonedwoodcrafts

Mobile: 07896 240598 (Malcolm)

Cauldron Creations Jewellery

Company name: Cauldron Creations

Founder: Helen Conway

About: I have been creative in one way or another my whole life and come from a creative family too. My main focus is handmade jewellery, although I also make other things like fairy doors, sun catchers and some clothing. I have a passion for colour and am really inspired by nature often working with colours and themes that relate to the time of year. When I took redundancy from my job in a bank almost 3 years ago, it was an ideal time to give this a go full time. I am working more hours for much less money but wouldn't change it for the world.



black cat buttons

Company: Black Cat Button

Founder: Terese Wilmot

About: Black Cat Button makes pretty things from buttons - nostalgic and new. Inspired by Nan's button box and made with love. Black Cat Button is my guilty pleasure! For years I collected all sorts of gorgeous buttons but I was never sure what to do with them. I also had a very special button box, inherited from my lovely Nan. She had saved every button from every shirt, cardigan and coat; she never threw any away - sound familiar?

Inspired by Nan's button box, I made some button treats and gave them to friends. They were quite popular and, when I ran out of friends, I started to sell them for charity. I now sell my lovingly crafted items at local Craft Fairs and my Beach Hut 'pop up ' shop.

Buttons make us feel nostalgic. They remind us of happy times and most of us knew someone with a precious button box. Did you learn to count with buttons? Did you covet and collect them? Do you still save them, 'just in case'? If you would like to share your button story, tell me about your 'Nan' - or hear some more about mine! - then follow me.

Twitter: @blackcatbutton

Instagram: @blackcatbutton

Facebook: @blackcatbutton

Company: Jewellery By Jackie Ltd

Founder: Jackie Potts

About: I love colour, colours make me smile. It's a great way to express your personality or feels, helping to keep each persons jewellery as unique as they are. I let the colour combinations of the wire and the gemstones guide my creativity and I'm happy to make commission pieces should anyone want a specific combination of colour and gemstone.

Company: Essex Woodcarvers

About: Our aim is to promote the love of wood and keep the art and skill of woodcarving alive. We are particularly interested in growing our membership with young adults but all are very welcome. After the restrictions are lifted, it would be great to meet you in person at one of our club meetings or any number of shows and events around the region (once they are back up and running).

In the meantime we invite you to take a look at some of our members work, a bit about us and woodcarving in general. If you still have questions do please get in contact with us.

When the restrictions are lifted and we are able to meet again drop in for a chat, a cup or tea / coffee and see what we are doing. Please don’t be shy or put off, we are a friendly group of people and we are all still learning whatever our current level of proficiency. We are always willing to give guidance and encouragement.

Your first session is complimentary, together with use of club starter kit tools, a small blank of wood and all the encouragement and guidance you could ever want.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Facebook: 'Essex Woodcarvers'

Phone: 07775733062 (Derek Drain)

Wood Carvers Presentation

Ceramic poppy

Company: Park Ceramics

Founder: Amanda Westbury

About: I am also interested in the contrasting natural landscape of the British countryside during the changing light of the day and the effects of the moon phases at night. For these mounted slab artworks I use subtle Earthy tones produced by using iron, cobalt and copper oxides and coloured slips. These ceramic pieces are then combined with bright glass fragments and found objects, to explore contrasts in texture, materiality and surface decoration.

Phone: 07910442386


Facebook: Park Ceramics and Gifts

Instagram: Parkceramics