Join our Autumn Challenge

Autumn has arrived and the parks are brimming with colour. Can you find 5 or more of these seasonal sights on your next trip to one of our country parks?

We’ve created an Autumn challenge to encourage you to get exploring. Can you find 5 or more of these seasonal things on your next visit to one of our Country parks?

Collect leaves in an array of colours, enjoy a conker fight, keep your eyes peeled for a squirrel, see if you can spot a duck by the lake and look out for brightly coloured berries on the bushes or mushrooms on the ground. (Please be careful not to touch the mushrooms and berries).

Can you spot these seasonal sights in our autumn challenge?

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Use the hashtag #EssexAutumnChallenge

Not sure which park to visit? Discover all of our parks here, with acres of open space, woodlands and meadows waiting to be explored.

Entry to the Country Parks is free, and every penny spent on car parking is reinvested into the upkeep and development of the parks and the protection of the wildlife within.

We hope to see you soon.