Virtual Summer of Art (Price £0-£100)

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For the past 10 years Essex Summer of Art has supported over 160 art trail and open studio events throughout the county. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Explore Essex are pleased to be hosting the first ever Essex Summer of Art Virtual event.

Enjoy an incredible range of work from Essex-based artists.

Please browse the work, discover more about the artists, and if you see a piece you particularly like you can even purchase it direct from the artist in most cases. Click on the link on the artist's name to find out more.

This page is dedicated to works ranging from £0 - £100.

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Keep Clear
1. Keep Clear £25

1. Artist Name: Abbie Cairns

Name of Work: Keep Clear

My artistic practice explores the use of text and site, examining how the context of a site can change the reading of any given text and provides the cultural frame work for the art work to exist within. My practice takes a DIY approach, again infused with Dadaism, as such I use materials which are often inexpensive and processes that are easily accessible.

Thistle on Black Water River - A3 Inkjet Print of Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Edition of 5 with certificate of authenticity
2. £30 all proceeds from the sale of any prints will be donated to the NHS Charity

2. Artist name Simon Fremont

Work: Thistle on Black Water River (A3 Inkjet Print)

Simon is an Essex based visual storyteller who aims to engage with a broad audience using a strong visual language, positioning his practice within the evolving forms of visual communication present in today’s society.

The image was captured in 2017 while sailing back to Maldon on another Sailing Barge. Thistle and similar sailing barges used to transport goods from all along the East Anglia coast to London. Today a small number of these barges remain providing trips along the coast. She was travelling up the Blackwater River against the incoming tide.

Amber Eye
3. 'Amber Eye' Acrylic on Mount Board £30

3. Artist name Alison McKinney

Work: 'Amber Eye'

Alison is a self-taught painter and has been painting for just over 5 years. She sold her first painting in her first ever exhibition and has had considerable success in local competitions. Along with Paul, she has a keen interest in the world around her and gets inspiration from the photographs she takes.

Alison has a keen eye for detail and colour, working mainly in acrylics and water-based oils, and finds the process of producing artwork therapeutic. This current piece of work “Amber Eye”, acrylic on mount board follows Alison’s recent interest in painting animal eyes.

'Peace and Harmony'
4. 'Peace and Harmony' £30

4. Artist name Paul Destri

Work: 'Peace and Harmony'

Paul has always been interested in art and started out with wood sculpture with significant success in national competitions. With keen interest in nature, Paul has turned his attention to painting, with many of his paintings reflecting the places he has been and the creatures he has seen.

Whilst Paul has worked in many mediums, he has settled comfortably into acrylics. He particularly enjoys painting landscapes and pet portraits. Paul’s current piece, “Peace and Harmony’, acrylic in canvas board, has been inspired by his long walks and photographs taken.

5. 006 £30 each print

5. Artist Name: GEO make

Work: 006

GEO make is a creative design studio run by designer Georgia Farrell, a freelance designer trained in textile design who has worked for the last five years in the hand knitting industry. As a creative design studio GEO make works across product categories and disciplines applying and adapting Georgia's unique design style to all areas of design.

GEO make also works on consultations and in collaboration with other designers and makers to constantly push our boundaries and take new ground. Aesthetically GEO make is all about juxtapositions; GEOMETRIC harsh textures STRUCTURAL architectural BRUTALIST clean lines MUTED COLOURS colour pops BY HAND digital ORGANIC fluid MESSY unpredictable colourful free artistic fun play bright.

The Three Toe King - 7 Stages of Isolation
6. The Three Toe King - 7 Stages of Isolation £40

6. Artist name: Kian Tracey

Work: The Three Toe King - 7 Stages of Isolation

The character ART that I spray paint and draw is what I lovingly refer to as the 'Expressive monster gang.' I capture people's feeling and emotions. When you look at my piece, you will be able to see a face that you can relate to. Out of these 7 different expressions, you can see a reflection of you or a loved one. A Smile, a laugh or a tongue sticking out each expression speaks to the audience. The key ethos behind my work is somebody walking past gets to feel like one of those faces whether that be a laugh or a bit of silliness.

'Remnants' 2020, collage
7. 'Remnants' 2020, collage £45

7. Artist name Elaine Tribley

Work: 'Remnants' 2020, collage

'Remnants' is a single point collage, all it's layers are held together at one point. Created from found pieces on my studio desk, each item links back to an artwork, a workshop, documentation or background surfaces I've worked on. Retained in my memory like fragmented moments each layer has an individual history with the oldest spanning back to a project entitled Colchester2020 which took place over ten years ago.

Still Life with Lemons
8. Still Life with Lemons £45

8. Artist name Caroline Avey

Work: Still Life with Lemons (Acrylic 30 x 30)

I am part of a painting group based at the vibrant artistic community set in the beautiful surroundings of Parndon Mill in Harlow. The class tutor Roger Jeffs is inspirational, informative and professional. This painting is from one of his still-life setups.

Winters Morning
9. Winters Morning £45

9. Artist name V J Wiggins

Work: Winters Morning (Mixable Oils and Acrylic on Board)

I am self taught. I lived in Clacton for 65 years, and started painting in 2016 after I damaged my knee at work. I have had some of my work shown at the minories, Colchester.

This painting was from a reference photo taken by a friend of mine.

The view from "The View" café in Osea
10. The view from "The View" café in Osea £50

10. Artist name Sue Shaper

Work: The view from "The View" café in Osea (Textile Collage)

The mounted size is 29.7cm wide x 42cm high.

I create handsewn pictures with an emphasis on vibrant colours using textile collage and embroidery. I particularly enjoy making something new out of found scraps of fabric, ribbon and trimmings.

This picture is of the view from our favourite Tiptree Tearoom. It is the scene looking across the water to Maldon from Osea in Essex. The picture is mounted but unframed because some people like to reveal the tactile nature of the piece and others prefer to cover with glass.

'Local Antanosy Fisherman, Madagascar'
11. 'Local Antanosy Fisherman, Madagascar' £50

11. Artist name Maria Hickey

Work: 'Local Antanosy Fisherman, Madagascar'

Maria who is based in Southend has shown her photography and artwork in local art exhibitions and art trails across Essex and at Rayleigh Windmill. Recently she painted Buddhist sculptures for a Buddhist temple in Arizona.

Maria's image 'Local Antanosy Fisherman' captures the daily life of one of the eighteen tribes of Madagascar. The image portrays a strong Antanosy man in his handcrafted raft living an unadorned, modest lifestyle. The photograph was taken in the south-east of Madagascar near the city of Fort Dauphin, also called Tolagnaro or Faradofay.

12. 'Reflecting' Oil pastel £60

12. Artist Name: Miranda Boxall

Work: Reflecting

Oil pastel, under glass

I am based in Great Holland and have been a self employed artist since 2007. I had a painting accepted by the Royal Academy of Art Summer Exhibition 2014. I was also a wild card candidate on the Sky Arts programme Landscape Artist of the Year on location at Scotney Castle. I have recently found a new passion with Oil Pastels.

Clacton Sal
13. One's out of isolation £60

13. Artist name Clacton Sal

Work: One's out of isolation

I am an amateur artist living in Holland on Sea. I paint mainly in oil but sometimes acrylic. I specialise in portraits simply because I love painting faces.

John Morgan
14. Fractured Abbey 9 x 6" £75

14. Artist Name: John Morgan

Artwork title Fractured Abbey 9 x 6"

This is a copy of my John's original art work, screen printed onto a handmade board.


15. Remember Me
15. Remember Me £75

15. Artist Name: Sarah Jane Morgan

Work: Remember Me

Cherrywood Plaque 9 x 6"

My photography screen printed onto a wall mounted cherrywood plaque.

FB Page Twisted Photography by Sass Jane Morgan

Porcelain Bowl
16. Porcelain Bowl £60

16. Artist Name: Martin Bridges

Work: Porcelain Bowl

I am a potter working in Colchester making functional wares and teaching others how to use clay.

This bowl has been reduction fired in a gas kiln, giving it a unique band of colour that changes from red to turquoise across the inner rim. It measures 27cm diameter x 7cm high.

Briar Rose
17. Briar Rose £80

17. Artist Name: Hannah Stageman

Work: Briar Rose

Etching, image size, 20cm x 25cm

Examining the history of landscape and understanding nature as culture, I use drawing to explore nature, the natural sciences and social history.

Often described as ‘a plant in the wrong place’, weeds are undervalued, sometimes ugly, and unloved. Yet for all the negative press, weeds can prove to be useful and have medicinal properties.

For my Jaywick Martello Tower exhibition, I researched the weeds on site and reproduced them as prints with the size of each edition being determined by the number of names collected. I invite people to reconsider the community’s relation with these plants, seeing them anew.

Roman Fresco Painter
18. Roman Fresco Painter £100

18. Artist Name: Simon Barnes

Work: 'Roman Fresco Painter'

Media: Egg Tempera

Simon Barnes paints in egg tempera a very traditional painting medium, the colours all made from scratch. The background has a mixture of architecture features found in the frescoes of Pompeii. The bottom right-hand corner shows the plaster layer unpainted but with designs scratched into the surface as a guide for the final layer.

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