Virtual Summer of Art and more

Bringing the Essex Art Trails to you

For the past 10 years Essex Summer of Art has supported over 160 art trail and open studio events throughout the county. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Explore Essex are pleased to be hosting the first ever Essex Summer of Art Virtual event.

Enjoy an incredible range of work from Essex-based artists..

Please browse the work, discover more about the artists, and if you see a piece you particularly like you can even purchase it direct from the artist in most cases. Simply click on the link on their name to find out more.

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Louise Walker
51. "oh the places we'll go!" price on request

51. Artist Name: Louise Walker

Work: "oh the places we'll go!"

The pieces are based around childhood, storytelling, imagination, being alone, being small. The sculpture's are small ceramic characters set in a scene of a wood, they appear to be looking around their environment.

Its intended that the viewer makes there own story from what they see. The photos are suggestive of a 'still' taken from a stop animation movie, again suggesting that they're is an ongoing narrative.

Ed Dixon
52. Happy New Year (Not for Sale)

52. Artist Name: 2Create (Ed Dixon)

Work: Happy New Year

2Create is an arts collaborative set up in the summer of 3013 by 12 former Open Arts participants. Personnel have come and gone but we still have a core membership who originate from various backgrounds, age groups, and artistic abilities and we pride ourselves on providing a continuing opportunity for creative expression for nearly seven years.

Namibia A
53. Namibia

53. Artist Name: Amanda Westbury

Work: Namibia

Ceramic on Wood

Jim Clark A
54. Lenny (SOLD)

54. Artist Name: Jim Clark

Work: Lenny

I’m a portraiture specialist based in Great Baddow near Chelmsford, just starting out in paid commission work. My primary medium is acrylic paint but I also specialise in pencil drawings. I particularly enjoy painting people’s pets, as each one presents a unique challenge and has a distinct personality which I try to convey in my choice of background.

Open Arts studio members
55. Silk painting and batik flag, Open Arts flag, (Not for Sale)

55. Artist Name: Open Arts studio members

Work: Silk painting and batik flag, Open Arts flag

Open Arts is a community arts and health programme which helps improve and maintain mental health and wellbeing, through creative learning, social inclusion, in a safe and supportive environment. This flag is from a Silk Painting and Batik Workshop members took part in with Sally Chinea. ‘What a fantastic way to learn a new skill and produce a piece of work as a team for Open Arts to display. I loved it – I am hooked!! Thank you so much for a relaxed and informative day’

‘Lovely to do a piece where everyone joined in and contributed their art work.’

Connie Flynn
56. Fruit in Felt

56. Artist Name: Connie Flynn

Work: Fruit in Felt

Connie Flynn is a multi-skilled textile artist. Her practice has evolved through experimenting and combining traditional techniques and modern practices.

She offers relaxed and enjoyable workshops in a variety of textile techniques, after demonstrating she encourages individuals to explore their own creative ideas, giving support when needed.

Many workshop participants regularly return to take on different challenges including new themes, Sylvia Watson’s colourful aerial view of a carp was made in a felt making fish themed workshop. Fruit in Felt is a felt making workshop sample, the focus being colour and shape using a range of colourful fleece fibres.

Stephanie Mills
57. Tatiana (Not for Sale until complete)

57. Artist Name: Stephanie Mills

Work: Tatiana

Stephanie Mills is a classically trained figurative artist. Her artwork, which has received both national and international recognition, has been included in prestigious shows such as the Royal Society of Portrait Painters at the Mall Galleries, London (2018, 2020).

In addition to producing her own artwork, Stephanie teaches representational drawing and painting methods in person (private tuition, classes and workshops) as well as through her online mentoring programme. She also undertakes commissions on a broad range of subjects.

Frankie Atkinson
58. Intertial (Large £160 small £40)

58. Artist Name: Frankie Atkinson

Work: Intertial (Large £160 small £40)

I’m Frankie Atkinson, a ceramic artist based in Mistley. I’m a textiles graduate from Chelsea College of Arts, where I specialised in print design. Whether screen printing, or (something else you did that was hands on) I have always loved taking a ‘hands-on’ approach to art and textiles.

I was lucky enough to get involved in ceramic workshops at university – and since then there has been no turning back! Out of this developed love and passion for ceramics.

Masha Mani
59. 'Tranquil Yogi' £50

59. Artist Name: Masha Mani

Work: 'Tranquil Yogi' £50

Masha is a design engineer and hobbyist who is passionate for Art. She specialises mainly in oil and water-based paintings and thrilled to share her vibrant art creation with Essex community and beyond.

The yogi is meditating along the beach at Sunrise which brings peace and tranquility within oneself wakening the 7 chakras in the body embracing the nature around.

Vic Wiggins
60. 'Loch Lomond In Monochrome' £40

60. Artist Name: Vic Wiggins

Work: Loch Lomond in Monochrome £40

I took up art after damaging my knee in 2017. No qualifications, self-taught. I am a member of The Holland Art Society. My work has been exhibited at the Minories Colchester and sold, which I was pleased with. This painting is from a visit to Scotland, Loch Lomond.

Medium is water-mixable oils on canvas in just two colours: Paynes Grey and Titanium White. Framed in black. Size (including frame) 45 x 38cm

Melvyn King
61. Kontainerama: Rounding the Point, £400

61. Artist Name: Melvyn King

Work: Kontainerama: Rounding the Point £400

Observed from Harwich and Dovercourt, the daily sight of container shipping entering and leaving the Stour/Orwell estuary is not only a performance of technical precision but also a drama of changing colours, scales and transient weather effects. The containers are of course meticulously stowed for unloading as the ships progress from port to port, but in the main, the colours are random. As the ships are manoeuvred, extraordinary shapes are revealed and as they make the turn at Landguard Point they appear compressed into curious geometric forms.

Framed acrylic on watercolour paper. Image size 24cmx24cm. Frame size 40cmx40cm

Daphne Sandham
62. Black headed gull summer plumage, £85

62. Artist Name: Daphne Sandham

Work: Black headed gull summer plumage £85

I have been painting the local Black-headed gulls around Harwich and Dovercourt for years. Usually, they have white faces with little grey patches but come January/February they moult into their dating gear. Congregating by Dovercourt boating lake they gradually get lovely new outfits with black faces with a little white arc behind the eye, very smart. Then suddenly they are all gone to the backwaters nesting as a community. When they come back in early summer, the outfits are tatty and they look tired with chick-rearing and then the next moult and their faces are white again …

Unframed oil on canvas, 20 x 20cm

Carol Dawson
63. Lower Fishguard, £125

63. Artist Name: Carol Dawson

Work: Lower Fishguard, £125

The medium is oil and the dimensions are approximately 24”x18”.