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For the past 10 years Essex Summer of Art has supported over 160 art trail and open studio events throughout the county. This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Explore Essex are pleased to be hosting the first ever Essex Summer of Art Virtual event.

Enjoy an incredible range of work from Essex-based artists..

Please browse the work, discover more about the artists, and if you see a piece you particularly like you can even purchase it direct from the artist in most cases. Simply click on the link on the artist's name to find out more.

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Amanda Jackson
41. Drift £500

41. Artist Name: Amanda Jackson

Work: Drift

Acrylic on canvas, approx size: 76 x 71cm, unframed

Amanda’s abstract landscape paintings always have their beginnings in the observed environment; through walking in the landscape her interest is sparked by the forms, both natural and manmade that inhabit the space.

Living by the Thames Estuary in Essex, a place of natural beauty and post-industrial decay in equal measure, Amanda is drawn to unloved margins, edgelands, ancient woodlands and muddy salt marshes of Essex.

The painting ‘Drift’ began as a response to time spent in Newlyn, Cornwall but as it developed, it assumed the colour and flow of the Thames’ estuarine landscape.

Annie B
42. Compassion £500 (All proceeds from sale to be donated to Colchester Food Bank)

42. Artist Name: Annie Bielecka

Work: Compassion


This image represents the best of human responses to tragic events. The gentleness, love, kindness and selflessness depicted is shown now by the NHS and care home staff and other essential front line workers, bravely trying to keep us safe at this time of National Emergency during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is dedicated to them and to all victims of war as we remember them at this 75th anniversary year of VE day. I painted it in Warsaw, Poland in 2002. We were living close to a surviving part of the Warsaw Ghetto wall where smallstones are left in remembrance and candles lit in memory since the end of WW2. My mother in law was incarcerated in Auschwitz and she survived and reached her 100th birthday in a Colchester nursing home.

Rosanna D
43. “HELLO HARWICH!” ©2020 £500

43. Artist Name: Rosana E. de Montfort

Work: “HELLO HARWICH!” ©2020

Acrylic on canvas 2018 - 50x70cm / 19.6" x 27.55"

Czech artist living in Clacton-on-Sea, who captures the world by observing contradictions. Her paintings decorate private spaces, corporate interiors and exhibitions around the world.

Her work has been recognized by several international merits in Italy, Spain and the USA. She is involved in charitable activities, where she paints replicas of long-lost medieval paintings for places of historical heritage.

Her art is sought after for the unique blend of skills, where Old Master technique and modern flair meet in harmony in an important message dedicated to the observer.

The King and Queen
44. The King and Queen £500 (sold together)

44. Artist Name: Lucia Lutonska

Work: The King and The Queen

Media: mixed media, 200x200mm each, sold together.

I paint to connect. I paint to touch otherwise invisible untouchable inner landscapes. As an invitation to explore what can be unlocked inside. What can be moved, shifted, opened up, and transformed.

Debbie Ayles
45. ‘October Reflections’ £600.00 (includes limed wood frame)

45. Artist Name: Debbie Ayles

Work: ‘October Reflections’


October Reflections’ is a building in Canary Wharf reflected onto the roof of a smaller one below. The deconstructed buildings revealed patterns, shapes and grids that hold them together including shadows, reflections, and chance elements.

Starting with the fluidity and atmosphere that layers of water-based paint give, the paint follows its own loose path on the paper’s surface, then is tethered by the more formally painted assemblage of shapes to create the final image, setting up a contrast between the subject matter of glass metal and concrete and the more delicate, nuanced qualities of paint and paper.

46. Sheldon C
46. "A Taste for Speed - Fangio" £550 - including Free Delivery in the UK

46. Artist Name: Sheldon Paul Chase

Work: "A Taste for Speed - Fangio"

Mixed media canvas, 120cm wide x 100cm deep..

I have produced lots of Traditional, Contemporary, Abstract, Modern and Landscape work, mostly Oils and acrylic on Canvas both in the UK and in Southern Spain. Selling artworks to individual clients as well as interior designers for clients all over the World. Now I am located in Studio 22 at ACAVA Ardleigh Studios, North Essex.

This new work "A Taste for Speed" is Based on Juan Manuel Fangio in the 1957 German Grand Prix. Mixed Media on Canvas. This will be the first of a collection of works related to Speed, hope you enjoy.

Noah Max
47. Diptych (1) £850 for both (displayed side by side with Diptych 2)
Noah Max
47. Diptych (2) £850 for both (displayed side by side with Diptych 1)

47. Artist Name: Noah Max

Work: Diptych

Media: 122cm x 90cm each (displayed side by side) and sold together

I painted this diptych before a live audience at The Thinking Minds Project on 7th February 2020. The performance lasted four hours and I made minimal change once the music had concluded.

The work is a response to live performances and improvisations by Gavin Stewart (Flute), Raymond Brien (Clarinet) and Eric Fabrizi (electronics). Although it mostly consists of oil paint, this piece employs an eclectic range of mixed media including gold leaf, flour, sand and PVA glue.

Jo Stephens
48. “And the people stayed home” “£850 *SOLD*

48. Artist Name: Jo Stevens

Work: “And the people stayed home.” *SOLD*

Media: Oil and mixed media on canvas 100/100cm

I have been painting abstracted scenes and memories since trying to capture and understand the link between emotion and visual language as a student.

I apply mixed media through an expressionist process. I hope that by removing obvious or exact representations, it leaves the viewer open to experience their own memories and feelings.

I love the idea that art can be cathartic for both the viewer and the artist. Recently, I have been trying to recreate the sense magic and discovery felt as a child, this piece captures the last walk we took with my children before lockdown began.

Barry Andrews
49. 'Hectic tide' 40 x 40 cm £950

49. Artist Name: Barry Andrews

Artwork title 'Hectic tide' 40 x 40 cm

Oil on canvas

At first glance there is no drama, no challenges and no other comparisons to other robust shorelines around our coast, look closely and you will discover beauty and colour.

Painting is a journey in striving to satisfy an understanding of perfection, it is a journey that I hope will never end because of the level of excitement when a painting speaks back to me.

My work is in oil on canvases I prepare myself allowing at once to engage with the subject, it is a solitary pursuit where there are no rules or guide books the only references being from my sketchbooks'

Holly Parr
50. Hope in New Life £1,495

50. Artist Name: Holly Parr

Work: Hope in New Life

Sculptural piece for wall display measuring 130cm x 92cm

Holly Parr is resident French Beaded Flower artist at the Hylands Estate Artist's Studios. This piece was created in early 2020. Working on this piece helped Holly through the hardest time of the year for her bringing light in the cold, dark months.

The beautifully designed and handcrafted spring blooms included in the hoop are: Tulip for perfect love, Daffodils for joy, Snowdrops for hope, Bluebells for gratitude, Lily of the Valley for happiness, Celandines for joys to come.

The circular wooden hoop frame on which the blooms are mounted has also been handmade especially for this piece.

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