Celts to Romans

This hands-on, fun day visit will bring your topic to life. Using our replica Iron Age Roundhouse as your base for the day discover how life changed for the Celts when the Romans invaded Britain. Children will explore the Roundhouse and carryout research activities, take on the role of an archaeologist and visit warrior school.

  • Children will explore the roundhouse and carryout small research activities. Our education leader will demonstrate various items in the house such as methods for lighting the fire, and querns for grinding wheat.
  • Learn about the role of an archaeologist before having a try at excavating our dig site.
  • Make a coil pot from air-drying clay to take back to school
  • The afternoon starts with an adult from the group being dressed as a Celtic warrior and another adult as a Roman soldier, the children learn about the different fighting styles and explore the life of a Roman soldier.
  • The children visit warrior school where they have opportunities to use a sling (with a foam ball) and take part in Roman army drills and make the famous ‘testudo’ formation with our shields


£8 per child


Hadleigh Park

Chapel Lane



Please Note:

Ideal for key stage 2. This visit is available year-round with heated indoor space provided for lunch during the winter months.

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