INSTAR Arts Commission in Essex Country Parks

Arts Partnership INSTAR have been awarded the Explore Essex Arts Commission 2020

INSTAR Arts Partnership

INSTAR, an arts partnership, have been awarded the Explore Essex Arts Commission 2020.

Created to raise public awareness about our environment and the Essex Forest Initiative, the Explore Essex Arts Commission will also examine people’s connection with the natural world through contemporary art.

INSTAR - a partnership featuring artists Trish Evans and Nick Humphreys - have previously worked with The Wildlife Trust, The National Forests and The National Trust. Their winning concept, ‘Infinity Forest’, will be an immersive experience using mirrored surfaces in the landscape.

The ‘Infinity Forest’ artwork will be launched in spring 2021 at one of the eight Explore Essex Country Parks at the close of the tree planting season.

‘Infinity Forest’ will explore the themes of our natural environment, engage with members of the public and provide a positive legacy.

The artist commission is also part of the wider Essex Forest Initiative, which is Essex County Council’s commitment to planting 375,000 trees, covering approximately 150 hectares, throughout the county’s parks and green spaces over the next five years to capture 60,000 tonnes of carbon.

The Essex Forest Initiative - which launched in October 2019 - will continue this November, with the first year’s target of 25,000 trees being planted this winter. The award of the commission coincides with National Tree Week, the UK’s largest annual tree celebration which takes place from Saturday 28 November until Sunday 6 December 2020, and which marks the start of tree planting season.

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